Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly Challenge #184 - Ing

Weekly Diva Challenge was to tangle ING. Not sure of the name of that tangle on the right. I know I've seen it, but can't find the reference.

Patterns used: ING (of course), Etcher (thanks, Donald), Pokeleaf and Hibred.


  1. Pokeleaf coming out of ING is spectacular.

  2. So whimsical! Love the pokeleaf. I forget the other name too, but you did it so well

  3. Looks like a combination of a sculpture and plants would see in a botanical garden. Like the shading. I think the one on the right is Etcher. Was in one of Sandy Bartholomew's books.

    1. THAT'S where I saw it! Thanks, Donald.

  4. This is very pretty. I really like how you have used ING with pokeleaf peeking out all over.

  5. Your ING is lovely!! This looks so airy and magical!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. Beautiful. You got me smiling :)
    You created a garden with a green-house, and a lovely green pole.
    Nicely done !

  7. Lovely tangle, Etcher is a nice balance for ING.

  8. So funny we had the same idea without knowing it! I just posted my tile on diva's blog and i am looking at what other people did. And as I saw your tile i thought: NO WAY!! Someone else felt like playing with pokeleaf and ING. Although our tiles are really different... wow, it was a shock!
    You can see my tile here:

    I am really far from what you can acheive though!

  9. This is such a beautiful tile! I love what you have done with ING... the poke leaf extending out of it really softens the geometric side of the pattern! That was an awesome idea! All the tangles are so wonderfully drawn and shaded! Inspirational!

    PS. Last week you mentioned on my blog that I ran out of cookies before you arrived... Just want you to know, I have saved one especially for you this week!

  10. This tile is amazing. It's clear and nice, and I love it! Well done :-)